BIPOC Owned Businesses in Otsego County

Author: Josh Taylor

In honor of Black History Month, we are highlighing BIPOC (Black, Indigineous, People of Color) owned

businesses in Otsego County. Read on to learn more about these businesses and what they have to

offer the community. 

Big Al's BBQ

Big Al’s BBQ in Oneonta NY is a welcome alternative to the usual offerings of our area. Big Al’s specializes

in Eastern Carolina style cuisine that includes pulled pork, fried chicken, ribs, collard greens, and a unique

take on mac and cheese that will make you want to smack your mama! Big Al’s is owned an operated by

Alvin Shepherd, a native of Greensboro, NC who has recently landed in Oneonta bringing a healthy dose

of southern food and culture with him. 

Big Al's BBQ is located at 33 Dietz St. in Oneonta. Visit their website here.


King's Kakery

King's Kakery is a pastry shop offering specialty cakes and desserts in the Oneonta area. This BIPOC

and woman owned business offers everything from custom cakes to cookies to scones to truffles to cupcakes

and more. Added bonus: on select Saturdays, King’s Kakery brings the Caribbean right to you in the form of

an authentic Guyanese style feast featuring hot foods. Oxtail to die for, rice and peas, and jerk chicken can all

be found here. They also have meat patties for grab and go from time to time.  

King's Kakery is located at 281 Main St in Oneonta. Visit their website here


Capresso Coffee Bar and Cuisine

Capresso of Oneonta bills itself as a gourmet coffee shop with a comfortable atmosphere. While Capresso

does indeed offer coffee and related accoutrements, on select days they offer classic Jamaican street food.

Here you’ll find spicy jerk chicken, oxtails, curry or brown stew chicken served with rice and peas and vegetables.

Some of the world’s greatest coffee is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and tends to go well with the spicy

Caribbean flavors.

Capresso is located at 215 Main St in Oneonta. Visit their website here


Cabral's Caribbean Store

Cabral’s Caribbean Store is a warm, welcome oasis on Oneonta’s Main St. Owned and operated by Jamaican

expat Cabral Gunter, if it comes from the Caribbean, you’ll find it here. Fresh Caribbean fruit? Check.

Full line of Walkerswood marinates and sauces? Check. Ting and other Caribbean beverages? Cabral

has you covered there too. Cabral’s Caribbean Store is more than just hard to find Caribbean foods.

Here you will also find fashion, art, and a whole lot of soul.

Cabral's Caribbean Store is located at 300 Main St in Oneonta. Visit their website here.


Freestyle Confections

Established in spring 2018 by Rebekah and Vincent Hopkins, and based in Worcester, NY, Freestyle Confections

has continually supplied Otsego County with delectable baked goods. From holiday themed cookie kits to

brookies to the most delicious thumbprint treats you'll have this side of the Susquehanna, Freestyle Confections

will satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth. Mostly a mobile bakery, Freestyle delivers to homes and hotels

all over Otsego and Schoharie Counties.

Freestyle Confections is a mobile bakery based in Worcester, NY. Visit their website here.



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