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First United Methodist Church

As a Reconciling Congregation, First United Methodist Church of Oneonta, NY is a supportive and inclusive church. We believe that all people are created in the image of God and affirm each person's worth as a beloved child of God, worthy of God's love and grace. We celebrate the wonderful diversity inherent within our community of faith which is made up of people of different ages, abilities, ethnicity, background, nationality and sexual orientation. It is within this marvelous diversity that we experience the miracle of unity in Christ.

We affirm and call forth the diverse gifts of all God's people in ministry in the congregation, welcoming gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons even as we work for the day when the church and society will welcome all people in the same way Christ welcomes.


We strongly advise that you check business websites or call ahead for the most up-to-date information on possible limited hours and whether reservations are necessary or not. 

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    Explore Oneonta

    Explore Oneonta

    Oneonta, situated just south of Cooperstown in the Susquehanna Valley, is known as the "City of the Hills" and home to the State University College at Oneonta and Hartwick College. Oneonta's quaint Main Street is filled with cafes and boutiques; just a short drive across the river, you'll find national retailers, more dining and family-fun activities.

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