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Looking to garner more visibility for your tourism-related events?

There are several ways to go about having event(s) added to the calendar of events.  If unsure whether the event is tourism-related or not, call our office and ask about the guidelines, otherwise, submit the event(s) using one of the following three methods:

  1. Create your Event on FacebookEventbrite or Eventful and we can be automatically be alerted. (A post about an event will not work.)  Your Event should appear on the calendar after 72-hours from the time the event is created on one of the platforms.  *The first time you utilize this method, alert that your business is now utilizing social media to promote events...that way, we can turn around and ‘Follow’ your business.
    • ​If creating events using any of the social media platforms mentioned is a new concept, review this helpful guide or call the office (607) 322- 4046.
  1. Manually submit your event on our website.  Click on “SUBMIT YOUR EVENT” and simply enter the information asked for.  It’s a quick and easy process.  The entries should appear on the calendar after 72-hours. 
  1. The final option is to e-mail all of the following information, in full per event.  Please do not leave any answer space blank.  Answer 'n/a' for those that do Not Apply to the event.  The event should then appear on the calendar after 72-hours.
  1. Name of the Event:
  2. Business Name hosting the event:
  3. Address where the event will be held:
  4. Ticket URL:
  5. Start Date of the Event:
  6. Start Time of the Event:
  7. End Date of the Event:
  8. End Time of the Event:
  9. Frequency of the Event:  (one-time, daily, weekly, monthly)
  10. Is this a Facebook Event:               YES         NO
  11. If you answered YES to j., what is the Event URL:
  12. If you answered YES to j., what is the Host URL:
  13. Description of the event:
  14. 1 Photo is preferred: (PNG/JPG/GIF), 2MB maximum.


...still unsure about how to have your tourism-related events added to our website, take a few minutes to watch this video.



If you are utilizing the options above and don’t see your tourism-related events and or updates populating HERE after 72-hours of it being created or edited, contact our office at (607) 322 - 4046 and ask for Jacqueline.

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